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March 8, 2024

Best Places to Buy Real Estate Leads in 2024

In 2024, finding quality real estate leads is essential to the success of any real estate professional.

With numerous options available, how do you know the best source for purchasing these leads?

This blog explores the top platforms and services where real estate agents and brokers can acquire reliable and valuable leads to grow their businesses efficiently.

Is It Worth It To Pay For Real Estate Leads?

Determining the worth of paying for real estate leads hinges on individual business goals and market dynamics.

The initial investment in purchasing leads can offer a substantial payoff in quicker sales cycles and increased revenue.

When you buy leads, you're essentially paying for a shortcut to connecting with potential clients ready to buy or sell, which can be particularly valuable in a competitive market.

However, the effectiveness of this strategy depends on lead quality and your ability to convert these leads into clients.

If the leads aren't well-targeted or the information is outdated, the investment may not yield the desired returns.

Partnering with reputable providers who offer high-quality, relevant leads that align with your market niche and expertise is crucial.

A mix of organic lead generation and paid leads provides the best results for most agents, balancing long-term brand building with immediate opportunities.

It's also important to have a solid follow-up strategy in place. Without the capacity or systems to effectively engage and nurture these leads, the potential benefits can quickly diminish.

Advantages of Buying Leads

Buying real estate leads offers several advantages:

  1. Purchasing leads saves time compared to organic lead generation methods. It allows agents to focus more on converting leads into sales rather than spending extensive time in real estate marketing efforts like photography.

  2. Buying leads provides immediate access to potential clients interested in buying or selling property.

  3. For real estate professionals looking to scale their business quickly, buying leads can provide a steady flow of prospects. This particularly benefits new agents or those looking to expand into new markets.

  4. Purchased leads can help agents break into new geographical areas or target markets where they may not have a strong presence or network.

  5. Some lead generation companies offer advanced targeting options, allowing agents to receive leads that match specific criteria such as location, property type, and price range. This targeting ensures that leads are more relevant to the agent’s specialization, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

  6. Agents can better predict their workflow and sales pipeline with a consistent influx of purchased leads, aiding in more accurate forecasting and business planning.

  7. By investing in leads, agencies can allocate their marketing resources more effectively, focusing on conversion and client service rather than lead generation.

While buying leads can offer these advantages, it's crucial for agents to perform due diligence in selecting a reputable lead generation company and to have a robust system for lead nurturing and conversion to maximize the benefits of their investment.

Disadvantages of Buying Leads

There are also several disadvantages to consider:

  1. Purchasing leads impacts your budget, especially if the leads are exclusive or highly targeted. The cost can add up quickly and impact your overall budget, particularly if the conversion rate doesn't justify the investment.

  2. Leads generated organically often have a built-in level of trust and rapport that can be lacking with purchased leads. Without this initial relationship, it can be more challenging to establish trust and convert the lead into a client.

  3. If they aren't exclusive leads, another real estate business may receive the same leads, increasing competition and making it harder to stand out and convert those leads into clients.

  4. Purchased leads may not always align perfectly with your business strategy or target market, potentially leading to a mismatch between the services you offer and the needs or expectations of the lead.

  5. Engaging with leads that have been sold to multiple agents can sometimes annoy potential clients and harm your reputation if they feel bombarded by contacts from various agents.

Considering these disadvantages is crucial when deciding whether buying leads aligns with your business objectives, resources, and approach to client relationships.

Balancing purchased leads with organic lead generation strategies is best, often providing a more diversified and sustainable approach to business growth.

7 Best Places To Buy Real Estate Leads

Whether you're looking for buyer or seller leads, here are the best-paid lead generation services.

Market Leader

market-leader.png (Image Source)

Market Leader is a comprehensive solution for real estate professionals, offering exclusive leads to help meet sales goals. Their service includes three key products:

  1. HouseValues provides leads from homeowners seeking valuations. These are potential sellers seriously contemplating a sale.
  2. Leads Direct drives potential buyers to your site through targeted pay-per-click advertising.
  3. Network Boost delivers many exclusive local leads monthly for a flat rate. You can get 30 leads per month for $300.

They also offer a range of additional marketing services, including:

  • Real estate websites designed to enhance online presence and lead generation. Their platform offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop website builder with pre-built templates, allowing agents to easily create custom, branded websites. Features include integrated MLS listings, advanced search filters, and powerful lead-capture tools to turn website visitors into leads. Additionally, the service supports SEO and analytics integration, enabling agents to attract and monitor web traffic effectively.
  • A CRM that facilitates quick response to leads through email alerts and automated messages. Essentially, it helps agents find and convert the hottest leads.
  • Marketing automation, lead assignment, and the ability to make important contacts from multiple sources.
  • A mobile app to manage everything from.


zurple.png (Image Source)

Zurple offers a specialized service for real estate agents by developing personalized, branded websites.

These sites are equipped with the latest MLS listings, detailed school and community data, and advanced search functionalities to enhance user engagement and lead capture.

Their expertise extends to digital marketing, where Zurple's team executes targeted social media ad campaigns to attract potential buyers or sellers to the agents' websites, focusing on specific geographic preferences.

Once visitors interact with the website, Zurple employs sophisticated tracking and analytics to monitor user behavior, enabling targeted lead nurturing. This system categorizes leads based on their purchasing or selling timeline, optimizing follow-up strategies.

Additionally, Zurple provides robust social media marketing, crafting and managing organic campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Instagram to broaden the reach and effectiveness of the agents' online presence.

Catalyze AI

catalyze-ai.png (Image Source)

Catalyze AI specializes in providing real estate agents with exclusive, geographically targeted leads, ensuring they are no more than 50 miles away from the agent.

The company leverages an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) engine that analyzes over 400 million data points using historical and real-time data, plus behavioral analytics, to deliver highly qualified leads. This is just one of the many ways AI is revolutionizing real estate.

As a top-of-funnel marketing solution, Catalyze AI uses predictive analytics to forecast an agent's next potential listing.

Real estate professionals simply need to provide their company and location details to receive these optimized leads through an interactive dashboard, enhancing their ability to track and manage potential clients efficiently.

Unlike Zurple and Market Leader, Catalyze AI is a bit more transparent about its pricing, offering 30 exclusive leads for between $360 and $450.

Zillow Premier Agent

zillow-premier.png (Image Source)

Zillow Premier Agent empowers real estate professionals with real-time phone connectivity to buyer leads alongside robust tools for efficient conversion.

The platform offers personalized insights and advertising tools, tailoring strategies to each unique home-buying journey.

Agents maintain visibility across Zillow's network of sister sites, becoming the go-to contact for buyers.

Their app enhances client-agent collaboration by sharing buyer preferences and activity while integrating agent task management features.

The Best of Zillow report offers comprehensive insights into the key metrics determining an agent's performance on the platform. It provides real-time updates, goal tracking, and comparative analyses to help agents monitor their performance.

Agents can strategically improve service quality by reviewing monthly progress and working toward specific targets.

Once they achieve Best of Zillow status, they're given a distinctive badge, enhancing their profile's appeal and brand perception to potential leads.


redx.png (Image Source)

REDX offers five services that are clearly priced.

Expired leads Prospecting expired leads enables agents to broaden their client base by targeting recent and older listings that didn't sell.

This method allows agents to confidently approach homeowners seeking new representation, thanks to rigorously vetted contact details that exclude relisted properties and comply with the DNC registry.

Price: $69.99-$129.99

For sale by owner leads (FSBO) This targets sellers who don't have an agent, potentially leaving them open to professional guidance. Their Vortex platforms streamline the process, scanning many platforms to gather FSBO listings and providing agents with direct, verified contact details.

Additionally, this service supports agents with roleplaying and scripted dialogues, enhancing their ability to engage and convert these leads effectively.

Price: $49.99

GeoLeads GeoLeads permits agents to find leads in specific locations. Agents can, for example, target locations where properties have already been sold to entice neighboring properties to follow suit.

Price: $69.99-$129.99

For rent by owner (FRBO) leads Their FRBO service focuses on identifying vacant properties that aren't owner-occupied, offering a unique opportunity for real estate agents to connect with property investors and landlords. Vortex aids in ensuring agents receive only actionable leads. This service is instrumental for agents aiming to expand their network and engage in the rental market, facilitating business growth through new and valuable connections. Price: $59.99-$79.98

Pre-foreclosure leads Pre-foreclosure leads offer a strategic advantage by identifying properties in the early stages of foreclosure. REDX provides essential contact information, including mailing addresses and phone numbers, enabling agents to approach these leads effectively. Depending on their business focus, agents can engage with distressed homeowners or use this information to steer clear of such properties.

Price: $49.99-$89.99 In addition to their core services, they provide other marketing and brand-building services, including social media ads and video edits.


zbuyer.png (Image Source)

zBuyer's approach is innovative and effective.

They use early detection methods and targeted strategies to identify potential hot leads in the real estate market.

They proactively contact homeowners to gauge interest in receiving a cash offer or market valuation for their properties.

Interested homeowners can then share their contact details and choose between the two options. As the homeowner has accepted zBuyer's invitation to a cash offer or market valuation, there's a good chance they want to sell soon. As a result, zBuyer encourages homeowners to collaborate with real estate agents–these would be the agents who sign up for their platform.

This ensures that leads provided to agents are motivated and ready to engage, enhancing the likelihood of successful transactions.


cinc.png (Image Source)

CINC is an all-round tool offering multiple features:

  • Fully managed Facebook and Google Ads to deliver highly qualified leads through hyper-local targeting. Their platform is designed to maximize optimal lead quality and cost-effectiveness.
  • Inbound leads from all sources are collated into a single CRM and automatically assigned to available team members with tracked activity.
  • Professional IDX and mobile-optimized websites.
  • A system to nurture leads that visit your website, depending on their actions.
  • Intelligent AI-led scripts designed to build rapport with leads.
  • A mobile app — handy for agents who are usually on the go.
  • A robust referral network allows agents to receive property leads from other CINC users.

Pricing is based on the number of users and can be provided upon request.

Give Yourself a Headstart by Purchasing Real Estate Leads

There's certainly value in buying leads, provided the leads bought are exclusive and relevant. The lead generation companies mentioned in this article offer varying degrees of service. Some provide straightforward leads, while others offer supplementary marketing services and sales training.

The one you choose will depend on the extent of your needs and budget. Consider reading online reviews and availing yourself of free trials and demos before committing.

On a final note, it's always worth combining internal efforts with those of a lead generation company. Virtual staging apps make it easy to mock up the properties of your existing leads in minutes.