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April 5, 2023

Boxbrownie Competitors: Market overview for virtual staging

Get an overview over the most reputable virtual staging companies like Boxbrownie, Virtual Staging AI and many others. Compare prices, features, delivery time and more.

Virtual staging is a powerful real estate marketing tool that can help you sell properties faster and for higher prices. It is a digital interior design technique where realistic and appealing interiors in specific styles are created by adding or editing furniture, accessories, lighting, and other elements in a given space. Virtual staging can transform an empty or outdated property into a dream home that attracts more buyers and generates more offers.

But how do you choose the best virtual staging service for your needs? There are many options available in the market, each with its own features, benefits, and drawbacks. In this article, we will compare some of the most popular virtual staging services.

Comparison table of different virtual staging services

Below you can find an overview of the most reputable and commonly used virtual staging companies. This list could include several other virtual staging companies. We choose these companies as they are among the ones with the highest volume in terms of orders, the highest customer satisfaction rate and have the most press in the real estate space.

Turnaround timePrice per picture (starting at)LocationMLS compliant
Virtual Staging AI10 seconds$0.39🇺🇸 U.S.Yes
Styldod24 - 48 hours$16🇮🇳 IndiaYes
Padstyler12 - 24 hours$23🇺🇸 U.S.Yes
Boxbrownie24 - 48 hours$24🇦🇺 AustraliaYes
Stuccco12 - 24 hours$29🇺🇸 U.S.Yes

Why Virtual Staging AI is so different

As you can tell by looking at the comparison table above, Virtual Staging AI is very different from the other Boxbrownie competitors. This is because instead of relying on designers Virtual Staging AI leverages AI to do the virtual staging. The proprietary AI algorithm analyzes the room and adds furniture that fits in the space and makes optimal use of the room structure. Thanks to advanced machine learning the lighting of the added furniture looks remarkably realistic making sure that the results are indistinguishable from real photos.

This way, AI home staging can significantly reduce the price and turnaround time of virtual staging. Another important point is that using Virtual Staging AI can be explored risk-free, as virtual staging can be tried at no cost and without signing up. This way, you can see the results with a watermark and don’t have to pay for a service upfront without knowing the quality of the results. Another advantage is that you can get bulk discounts depending on the number of photos you stage. All these points make Virtual Staging AI the most important BoxBrownie competitor.

Here are some examples of before and after image pairs generated by Virtual Staging AI:



Other BoxBrownie competitors

Other notable virtual staging companies include Styldod, Stuccco, or Padstyler. All of them offer more or less the same service in terms of turnaround time and price. One difference is the location of the companies: Boxbrownie and Styldod are both foreign companies, while Virtual Staging AI is based in Boston, MA, Stuccco is based in Louisville, KY, and Padstyler is based in Austin, TX.


Services offered by BoxBrownie, Virtual Staging AI as well as the others include:

Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is an innovative approach that employs advanced computer graphics techniques to generate digital representations of interior spaces within real estate properties. By harnessing the capabilities of 3D modeling and rendering software, real estate agents can produce accurate and aesthetically pleasing visualizations of a property's potential arrangement and design. This method offers an efficient and economical alternative to conventional staging practices, while simultaneously providing potential buyers with a comprehensive understanding of the spatial possibilities. As a result, virtual staging enhances the decision-making process for both buyers and sellers within the real estate market.

Virtual Renovation

Virtual renovation, as opposed to virtual staging, is the process of using digital technology to transform existing interior spaces by simulating various alterations, upgrades, and remodeling scenarios. This technique leverages advanced 3D modeling and rendering software to create detailed visualizations of a property's potential improvements, such as modifying floor plans, updating finishes, or adding architectural elements. While virtual staging focuses on presenting an aesthetically pleasing space through digital furnishing and decoration, virtual renovation aims to demonstrate the potential of a property after structural or cosmetic changes. By offering a comprehensive view of the possibilities for enhancement, virtual renovation enables buyers to envision the space's full potential, while providing sellers with a valuable tool to showcase the true value of their property.

Virtual decluttering

Virtual decluttering is the application of digital image manipulation techniques to real estate photos, with the goal of removing clutter and creating a clean, organized appearance in the property's interior spaces. By using advanced editing software, real estate agents or professional photo editors can digitally eliminate excess items, rearrange furniture, and enhance the overall visual appeal of the photographed space. This process not only helps to create a more inviting atmosphere for potential buyers but also highlights the property's functional layout and desirable features. As a result, virtual decluttering serves as an effective tool for real estate agents to showcase properties in their best light, facilitating a smoother and more successful sales process.

Detailed comparison

Pros and Cons of Padstyler


A crucial aspect of any virtual staging company is its revision policy, and Padstyler provides unlimited revisions along with a money-back guarantee. They also supply architectural rendering, which may be particularly beneficial for commercial real estate agents, encompassing services like 3D floor plans and video walkthroughs.

Nonetheless, the image and design quality of Padstyler is noticeably inferior compared to the top-tier virtual staging companies previously mentioned.

An additional disadvantage of using Padstyler is the absence of a specified deadline. Although you can pay an additional $19 per photo for a 12-hour turnaround, this expedited virtual staging service is only accessible from Monday to Friday. Otherwise, obtaining your photos may take 2-3 business days or even longer. Considering the average quality and elevated staging costs, it's advisable to conduct thorough research before placing an order.

Pros and Cons of Styldod


Styldod is a highly popular virtual staging company with numerous positive reviews online. They offer a straightforward ordering process and an extensive range of staging and photo editing services tailored for real estate professionals. Moreover, their pricing is competitive at $16 per image compared to other manual virtual staging companies. Nonetheless, AI virtual staging is still a lot cheaper than Styldod.

Nonetheless, a primary concern with Styldod lies in the ambiguity of their pricing structure. It's advisable to examine their fine print carefully before placing an order, as there may be unexpected aspects.

Pros and Cons of BoxBrownie


BoxBrownie is widely recognized as one of the most prominent virtual staging companies. They provide reasonably priced virtual staging services coupled with respectable design quality. With more than 12 services on offer, including floor plans, renders, and other options that are especially advantageous for commercial real estate, they cater to a wide range of needs.

Despite employing virtual staging software, BoxBrownie does not specialize in virtual staging alone which might make the experience of using their site more complicated for some users.

Which one should you choose?

As you can stage images for free on Virtual Staging AI without signup or credit card information and get the result with a watermark, it is recommended to start with this. If the results convince you that the service matches your needs, you can explore the different paid plans starting from only $15 per month. If you need advanced support or API access to the software you can explore the enterprise plan which supports these features as well as several others.

With Virtual Staging AI you can instantly virtually stage properties to get them live as fast as possible without going back and forth with designers and paying hundreds of dollars.

In case you're looking for manual virtual staging, you can explore BoxBrownie competitors like Stuccco, Padstyler, or Styldod, but as mentioned, you should consider exploring faster and cheaper AI virtual staging.