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April 16, 2023

Interior AI alternative: See the #1 alternative for real estate professionals

Keep the original input room with AI virtual staging developed at the Harvard Innovation Lab. Virtual staging for real estate professionals. MLS compliant.

You heard of Interior AI and tried it out but the AI changes the room too much and you’re looking for an Interior AI alternative? You’re a real estate agent looking for an MLS compliant way to do virtual staging with AI that keeps important features of the input room? You’ve come to the right place! Virtual Staging AI is the market leader in AI virtual staging. We’re a startup from the Harvard Innovation Lab that designed an algorithm for AI home redesign specifically to keep the input room untouched and to just add furniture.



What is Interior AI?

Interior AI is an AI interior design tool developed by Pieter Levels. Interior AI targets individuals and designers interested in redesigning rooms to give them inspiration on how they could redesign a space or rearrange furniture. It is based on open source code and currently offers three pricing plans: There is a free plan with which users can virtually stage an image but get the result with a watermark, there is a pro plan which offers the same service without a watermark as well as a team plan that supports up to ten users. The cheapest plan currently starts at $249 per year. One thing to watch out for is that when trying out Interior AI without a paid plan the uploaded photos might become visible to anyone on the website and not be kept private.

What is the best Interior AI alternative?

Virtual Staging AI is the best Interior AI alternative for real estate professionals. This is because our algorithm was specifically designed for the needs of realtors and home owners. Based on our research in the Harvard Innovation Lab we developed our own advanced proprietary algorithm to do AI virtual staging similar to BoxBrownie or Stuccco where the input room stays untouched and furniture gets added.

You can try out Virtual Staging AI yourself by uploading a picture on the homepage and you get a result within 10 seconds or less - no signup or credit card information required. Virtual Staging AI is also cheaper than Interior AI as the basic plan with a yearly subscription which supports up to 50 input images per month starts at only $15 per month. This means real estate agents can get virtual staging almost for free as it only costs $0.39 per image and even less in larger plans catered towards larger brokerages.

Virtual Staging AI also offers API access to its service which enables users to integrate the AI virtual staging into their own applications either for their own customers or to simplify their workflow.

Who should choose Virtual Staging AI over Interior AI?

Virtual Staging AI is the number one Interior AI alternative as VirtualStagingAI was specifically designed for the needs of real estate agents and enables MLS compliant virtual staging. Also for people looking to get design inspiration and to do interior design, trying out the free demo on the VirtualStagingAI homepage can be a good starting point to get design inspirations. The VirtualStagingAI free demo also keeps all input and staged images private and never shows the pictures to anyone else so privacy issues are not a concern with us.

Here you can see more results of real estate agents using Virtual Staging AI to do virtual staging:



Other Interior AI alternatives

Here is a list of other interior design tools that offer a more manual approach to redesign interior spaces:


A customized self-help interior design app, Havenly enables users to gather design ideas and connect with an affordable interior designer for a realistic touch. To find the perfect interior decorator, users must complete a style quiz, and the algorithm will match them accordingly. This services is targeted towards people wanting to buy actual furniture for their place.


Developed by the reputable design program creator Autodesk, Homestyler is an intuitive platform that doesn't require any prior technological expertise. This versatile tool is perfect for beginners, offering drag-and-drop functions to design rooms, angled walls, and dimensions. Users can choose from an array of doors and windows for various living spaces, while a premium version is available for professionals. This service requires manual placement of furniture which requires skills in using their tool as well as time.


As one of the simplest online tools for designing, customizing, and planning spaces, Smartdraw is ideal for personal use. With a vast selection of furniture, building materials, and preloaded plans, users can take advantage of a free trial before purchasing the full program. Additionally, Smartdraw assists in organizing crucial elements of a floor plan.

IKEA Place

As an extension of the home furnishing company, IKEA Place provides a platform for customers to design their interiors using ARCore technology. Users can virtually position products in their spaces by scanning them with a phone camera. The intelligent feature also allows users to identify IKEA products that match their items, ensuring the perfect fit for their homes. Amazon offers a similar feature in the newest version of their app where customers have the option to place certain products in their rooms.


Developed by Hassan El Mghari, roomGPT is a free, open-source AI interior design tool that helps users redecorate their dream spaces. Users can photograph a room and receive a newly designed version based on their chosen themes in just seconds. roomGPT is currently based on the same technology as InteriorAI and produces similar results. There are several other companies leveraging the same technology but all face the same drawbacks as Interior AI and therefore aren’t viable alternatives.

Manual virtual staging companies

Reputable companies that do virtual staging manually include BoxBrownie, Padstyler or Stuccco. Here customers have to pay between $20 and $30 per picture and wait between 12 and 48 hours for their results. In case of revisions it might take several days before users have the final photos.