Whitelabel Program

Are you a real estate photographer wanting to offer more services to your clients? Or are you an image editing company for real estate agents looking for a way to do virtual staging faster and cheaper?

Virtual Staging AI is the ideal solution for you! Our advanced proprietary AI virtually stages images of empty rooms within seconds at ultra competitive prices. Delight your customers with fast and inexpensive virtual staging with highly realistic looking furniture. Through our API access you can even integrate our AI into your product or services to automate the process. Try it out for free on our homepage.

There are two ways how you can white label Virtual Staging AI:

  • If you want to offer AI virtual staging to your clients but want to generate the renders and pick the results you deliver to your clients yourself you can sign up for any plan on our website and start using the software through our website. Our licensing model allows you to sublicense the renders to your clients for commercial use.

  • If you want to integrate AI virtual staging directly on your website so users can use it in real time you can use our API. You can find more information about it here: Virtual Staging AI Docs. If you subscribe to our enterprise plan you automatically get an API key and can get started. The API is just a server-to-server interface to get images virtually staged. You need a web developer that can build a frontend on your website for your customers. We don’t place any restrictions on what you charge your customers for (e.g. per uploaded photo, per render, per downloaded render, etc.) or how much you charge your customers for each unit. We will bill you based on how many input photos you upload to our platform through the API and offer up to 20 renders for each input photo.

Plans with API access are available on our pricing page.